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Confetti Shot Harlaxton Manor




This page is pretty wordy but this is a big investment. We want you to have as much info as possible so you can make the most informed decision.


Summary: A collection of gorgeous, natural photographs that tell the story of your wedding day and will jog your memory when you're old and forgetful.


More info: Most of us aren't fans of posing for photographs or having flash guns fired in our eyes. We avoid both wherever possible in favour of a more authentic, photojournalistic approach, so no scaring yourselves or your guests. Equally, we don't want to leave you with memories of standing around taking photographs. That'd be a bit rubbish.

We want to leave you with photographs that are about your wedding, not for your wedding to be all about the photographs.

We turn up when you're ready for us and go when you've had enough. We do our best to subtly blend in with whatever's going on. Sometimes that looks like chatting to your people, other times we'll lurk in the background (often the bushes) so we can sneakily capture it all; loved up, happy, silly, giddy, tearful, whatever you are. We want to leave you with a comprehensive record of the big stuff, the little things and everything in between, not just the 'key' moments where you're standing there with a cake knife wondering whether you should do something yet, though we'll capture that too, obviously. 



Summary: Same vibe as above; very chilled documentary style coverage, mostly from the wings, drone included, weather and location permitting.

More info: We film your wedding as we experience it, without engineering anything if we can. We avoid excessive equipment which helps us to blend in even more. If we're covering your photography too, we tag team perfectly, or if not, we'll chat with your photographer and blend in with their plans. We're very relaxed.

At the end you'll receive a 5 - 10 minute HD video covering all the elements of your day that we have access to. This will be edited in a style that compliments your photographs, if we're also covering those.

We won't record your ceremony or speeches in their entirety (we promise, you'll never listen to these again anyway! It's not that we're not old romantics, we're just honest, everyday realists), but we will capture elements of both and feature these as we feel appropriate. 



Summary: A short session at an opportune moment, maybe another one later as the light changes.


More info: We usually go off for a quick walk when there's a natural lull in the day. We'll suggest some ideal spots, we'll have a natter but we mostly just ask you to be yourselves and maybe give you the odd subtle nudge to help us get the most gorgeous photographs. You won't believe us right now, but you'll actually enjoy this bit.


Summary: Lots of posing will probably make you feel (and therefore look) awkward so we avoid it. You've got to be comfortable.


More info: We don't really like to stage stuff too much, this is your wedding day, not a photoshoot. People posing can look stiff and unnatural and it's just not a fun way to spend your time. Instead, we chat, you guys chat, we move a bit. That way, you're not concentrating on having your photo taken and you don't look (or feel) wildly uncomfortable. 


We also have skills in all this. We've got 27 years of wedding photography experience between the two of us (I know, we don't look a day over 21 right?), so we can capture the killer shots without taking ages to set up and fake it.

You are very welcome to look longingly into the distance or invoke your inner catalogue model of course, even better if you have a laugh whilst doing so, just please rest assured that we won't make you do any of this stuff.



Summary: Yes but not loads. They can take ages, you'll get bored/annoyed/cold and you might miss your wedding reception.

More info: It's not often that you get all the people you like and love in one place, dressed nicely and in a good mood. We recommend making the most of this. We try to keep these as relaxed, fun and brief as possible. Think less stand-there-say-cheese, more bring-your-drink-and-have-a-giggle. We figure you'd rather spend the day with your friends and family, not posing for oodles of photographs with us.


Important bit: Group photographs can really throw your day if you're not careful, they take longer than you think (there is always someone who's nipped to the loo or gotten stuck in conversation with someone they haven't seen in years). The result can be that you're left standing there waiting, time ticks by and you miss a load of your socialising time. Hence we suggest maxing out at 8 shots. We have ways and means of making this bit run smoothly and quickly too, we can chat about the logistics of your day to make it work for you so you get the shots and the champagne drinking opportunities too. We've got a blog post coming on this, stay tuned.



Ultimately, no two couples are ever the same and no two weddings are either, so we don't have a blueprint of shots that we get or stuff that we do. We chat with you guys about your plans and what you want from your photography or film, and tailor everything we do to that, so the coverage reflects all that went on and you end up with a pretty comprehensive record of the whole shebang. 

There's a bit more info in our FAQ's that you might like to read through too.



Other questions?

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