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Our aim is pretty simple...


We want to leave you with a fantastic collection of gorgeous, natural photographs that record your wedding day for posterity and will jog your memory when you're old and forgetful.

We want to tell your story and the story of your wedding.

You're not a carbon copy of the next person and we won't get you to do 'standard' or 'stock' stuff.

Instead, we'll capture you and your people. Loved up, happy, silly, giddy, tearful... whatever you are, unfiltered. 

We'll document the fun, the laughter, the big stuff and the little things that make up your day.


We're ever so relaxed, unobtrusive and a bit of fun. 

Let's face it, most of us aren't fans of posing for photographs or having flash guns fired in our eyes. We avoid both wherever possible in favour of a more photojournalistic approach, so no scaring yourselves or your guests. 


We turn up when you're ready for us and leave when you've had enough, shooting throughout the whole day we'll do our best to blend into the background as best we can. Our aim is to capture your wedding in its entirety, not just during the 'key' moments but the moments you'll definitely want to relive along with some you might have missed in the bustle of the day. 

We won't make you stand there looking to the horizon like you're the latest model in the Next catalogue. Promise.


We don't really like to stage stuff too much, it can look stiff and unnatural and it's not the most fun way to spend your wedding day. Whilst we won't ask you to look longingly into the distance or touch foreheads whilst you look lovingly into each others eyes, (though you can if you want to, of course), we may give a little guidance and the odd nudge to help us get the best photographs. Ultimately we'll just ask you to be yourselves, and we'll record exactly that.

Group shots can be included too of course, though we try to avoid everyone standing in a line and keep these as relaxed, fun and brief as possible. We figure you'd rather spend the day with your friends and family, not posing for oodles of photographs with us.

Ultimately, no two couples are ever the same and no two weddings are either, so we don't have a blueprint of 'shots' that we get or stuff that we do. We chat with you guys about your plans and what you want from your photography, and tailor everything we do to that, so the coverage reflects all that went on and you end up with a pretty comprehensive record of the whole event. 

There's a bit more info in our FAQ's that you might like to read through too.



What's the damage?

We don't have any photography packages set in stone as every day is a little different. Prices currently start at €900/£800, with an 'average' full day costing €2,200/£1,900.

We can also cover events that span multiple days and locations. Please get in touch if you'd like us to get back to you with a personalised estimate.

What's included?

Your requirements are unique and we can customise our coverage to reflect that as required. As a guide though, every booking includes:

Unlimited pre wedding consultation as required. Whether asking for supplier recommendations, ideas or simply having a natter about logistics. We're here if you need us, just give us a call or drop an email.

A pre wedding shoot at a time and location convenient to us all if you would like one. Not everyone's cup of tea but they are hugely informal and can be a quite fun, promise! It also gives us opportunity to catch up in person so we're not strangers on the day. You get to see how we work and you can practice ignoring the camera, making for more natural shots when we do it all again for real. You'll receive the images shortly afterwards so you can use them as part of your wedding preparations if you choose. 

Minimum of 8 hours of wedding coverage by two seasoned professional wedding photographers. We usually arrive midway through the preparations so that we can cover most aspects. Because we can be in two places, we are able to capture a little bit of the prep time with both of you so you can share this part of the day with each other afterwards. We tend to dip in and out so won't be pointing a lens in your direction for the entire morning. We also use this time to get some shots of the details (dresses, suits, rings & accessories etc) and to capture the general buzz of the morning. Like the pre wedding shoot, it gives everyone chance to get used to us in the background for more natural shots as the day goes on. In the evening we usually stay on a little after the first dance (if you're having one) to capture a taste of that part of the day too. We're not clock watchers, but usually have to stop after 10 hours or so as our eyes tend to stop focussing properly after that. Times aren't rigid though, more or less can be arranged to suit your plans.

On average 500-800 individually hand processed, print ready images with full personal usage licence. This means you can share and print them as much as you want. We don't supply a set number of shots, you receive everything 'useful' (i.e. no duplicates, closed eyes etc). The quantity varies purely depending on the format of the day itself. 

A password protected online gallery where you can view, download and organise your images. You can also share all or some of your images with friends and family afterwards through the gallery. Visitors can also download or order prints, save you having to organise that for them. 

A video slideshow of your images set to music for hassle free viewing on a screen. We know, it sounds a little cheesy but it's often a nice way to relive the day and to share the images with a group (with a favourite drink in hand). Definitely beats sitting around a computer clicking through them. 

A little preview shared shortly after your wedding. This little sneak peek will give you something to share and go 'oooh' over whilst we edit the rest of your images.

An additional resource on your team with loads of wedding experience. This can be pretty valuable on the day, from passing messages and pinning flowers to general wedding etiquette. We don't interfere but we're happy to help. We also carry useful stuff like safety pins and tissues because, well, you never know.

Check if your date is available here.


Other options:​

Personally designed, exquisite wedding albums, photo books, prints, wall art and other items available to suit your requirements/taste/home decor. Find out a bit more here.

Longer or shorter coverage to suit your plans. We usually offer shorter coverage on weekdays and throughout the Winter months, or for bookings made within eight months of the date.

More photographers! We work with a network of talented sorts and can call upon them to assist if you're having a very large wedding, or event spread over lots of locations where logistics would require additional support. 


Other questions?

Find answers to some frequently asked questions here, 

read a little about us here, 

or have a natter here.