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Lots of people ask us similar questions.  

Here are the answers to a few...

Destination Wedding Photography | Bailey Lonsdale

Do you travel?

Yes, lots. We have two bases, one slap bang in the middle of Ireland and the other in the East Midlands, England so we're pretty well placed to cover most places and don't mind a bit of travel to get to you. 

We also cover elopements/destination weddings. Venues far from our bases will incur appropriate travel expenses as you might expect.

What equipment do you use?


We currently use Sony brand professional cameras, our current work horses are Sony A9’s and they're brilliant. They work especially well in low light without needing flash, plus they’re mirrorless so we can be silent ninja’s and grab photos with zero noise, making them perfect for discreet photography during your ceremony. Duplicate kit comes everywhere so in the unlikely event of equipment failure, your day won’t be interrupted. We bring a pile of equally lovely lenses as well as a bag of flashes, batteries and other useful equipment. Occasionally we use reflectors, video lights and other small pieces of lighting equipment, though we try to keep this to an absolute minimum and always out of the way so our coverage stays subtle.

Will carries a duck call, we can't really justify why. We also carry a bag of useful stuff like tape, lollipops, safety pins, mints and cartoon plasters... because you just never know.



Are you insured?


Yes, of course. Let us know if you’d like us to forward a copy of our public liability and indemnity insurance.


Specifically relating to weddings:


What if the weather is awful?


We get wet?

We come prepared. With the weather being what it is, we always make a plan B.

This is one of the reasons we make sure we’re familiar with your venue before the day, so we've always got options.

We carry extra lights and several umbrellas (some rather photogenic) just in case of weather emergencies.

Don't stress about the weather though, rain can look amazing in photographs, so if you’re up for it, we’ll make the most of it.

Wedding Photography in the Rain | Bailey Lonsdale

Will you make us stand in line for hours for formal photographs when all we want to do is drink Champagne/tea/insert other beverage here?


We prefer to capture images of happy people enjoying themselves, rather than rows of people scowling at us because they're cold, or thirsty or would just rather be off enjoying themselves. For group shots, we usually chat about what you'd like before the day. We then make a plan so that this bit happens as swiftly and as fuss-free as it possibly can on the day. We aim for this part of the day to be as relaxed as humanly possible, and for it to have minimal impact on the rest of the proceedings, leaving you plenty of time to catch up with your guests.

...And you can always bring the Champagne along with you.

Do we need to feed you?


A meal is always appreciated if available, it’s usually a long day and we’ll need sustenance. You're by no means obliged to provide one though, all we ask is that you let us know whether your venue is catering for us in advance so that we can come prepared if not.

Feeding Your Wedding Photographer | Bailey Lonsdale

Why are there usually two of you?

Logistics usually mean that one photographer can't cover both sets of preparations so having a second means that you can both share this part of the day with each other afterwards. It means one of us can cover people arriving at your ceremony location whilst the other stays with the other stars of the show until they make their way to the ceremony. It also allows us to capture a second angle of the day throughout, think shots down the aisle and also from the front as you exchange rings. Having more cameras on duty also means that you end up with a much more comprehensive record to look back on as we can actually be in two places at once. Clever.

Why is the cost of commercial & wedding photography different?


There are quite a few factors but the biggest is the time spent producing the images after we've shot them. An average day of commercial photography usually requires a couple of days back at the computer, whereas an average wedding day can take us in excess of a week. There are loads more images and this takes lots more time.

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