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Too many dodgy selfies? Has one of you always got your eyes closed? We can help...


Couples: Maybe you've got engaged, are celebrating an anniversary, or maybe you just like each other a lot. 


Families/Friendly GroupsAre you rarely all in the same place at the same time? An anniversary or birthday with an '0' on the end? Do you want to document how your family is growing or changing? Maybe you just want some photos for the empty wall in the parlour. 

Virginia Deerpark Family Photoshoot


Little Ones: Photos of kids of any ages, alone, cuddling siblings, doing their thing, messing around, blowing bubbles, being themselves, maybe even sitting sensibly? Maybe. 

Very Little Ones: We offer shoots from birth.

Focusing on the newest addition to the family, with the option to add some with parents/siblings too. They are baby led, we don't tend to suggest artificial poses or add lots of props, but rather capture them, their little movements and interactions with the world around them, in their home, surrounded by their own things. Think cuddles, feeds, stretches, maybe snoozes... whatever they fancy doing really. 


 We are very happy and competent at wrapping/swaddling and safely positioning very small people. We can be as hands on as you would like us to be with this, or leave it to you entirely. Photos of you getting them ready for their photoshoot are usually our favourites.

 We also offer a video add on for these shoots, a chance to capture some squishy movement, wrinkly noses and all those cute things that are gone before you realise. Edited videos are usually a couple of minutes long, give or take. We love these.

All of the above photoshoots are completely informal, no acting or posing required

(unless you want to, of course).

Location: We can go for a wander, visit a favourite place, climb trees, build sandcastles, jump in puddles or simply sit in the house or garden. For very small kiddies, we recommend staying at home and making the most of their things.

Duration: They last around an hour and whatever your reason for choosing one, are a lovely way to spend a little time in each other's company.

You'll be able to view and download your images via a secure online gallery, where you can also order physical prints and other products, if you'd like. We don't supply a limited number, we individually process and supply all the usable options so you've got plenty to choose from. 

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We include a complimentary pre wedding shoot for the engaged couple as part of every full day wedding booking.

Pre wedding shoots are the Marmite of the wedding world. Some people love the idea, some want to run a mile. You’re not obliged to do one if it’s really not your cup of tea, but they are unbelievably good prep for photos on the day. They're usually a combination of a bit of lighthearted fun and a way of getting used to having a photographer around (so you can ignore us on the day). It's also a really good opportunity for us to catch up, get to know each other in person and have a natter about your wedding plans.

If you're at all nervous or less than excited about your wedding photography, we'd definitely recommend doing one of these. You'll feel a load more comfortable and prepared on the actual day as you'll be familiar with the process and with us. This will shine through in your photographs.



A pre wedding shoot is included for FREE if we're your wedding photographers for the full day. Think of it as your first wedding present.

Otherwise - 350/£300 for shoots local to our bases, regardless of the subject.

A nominal mileage charge is added for locations that are further afield, just to cover the juice for the car.

Hybrid Bundle: Add video to any of the above for €100/£85

First Year Bundle:

Three separate shoots: Newborn/6months (ish)/1st birthday.

€750/£650 (photo only), €1,000/£875 (hybrid photo and film)



If you've had a full price couples shoot with us and subsequently book us for your wedding, we'll reduce the price of your wedding booking by €350/£300. It's a good way to try before you buy if you're not 100% sure, so to speak.

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