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About us 

A couple of creative sorts, we met photographing a wedding and eventually had one of our own..

We don't really like talking about ourselves so this might be a little boring...

Commercial Photography Bailey Lonsdale W


My first dabble with photography was as a child, clutching my prized 110 film camera. I’d believe I was the next David Bailey (little did I know I'd one day be a Bailey), confidently snapping away on school trips. Once back home I’d be super eager to have my 'art' developed, only to find I’d managed to capture a lot of pictures of blurry cows in fields (cows were not so commonplace in the suburbs of Manchester) through a speeding coach window.

Years later, I was handed down my Dad’s trusty old 35mm Yashica film camera (he was a pro film photographer in the 80’s) with a bunch of lenses. This got me hooked but it's an expensive skill to develop shooting film. Thankfully, digital camera’s came along and bingo. They got me to where I am today, well, not sat at the computer typing this, but you get the gist.

So that’s where the camera wielding began but aside from that...

Born in Germany, I spent the early years there, moved to the UK and settled in Manchester. I grew up and lived there until I moved to the East Midlands a few years ago, followed by Ireland more recently. 

As a photographer/videographer and general creative, I wear multiple hats, which is good as I have very little hair. I capture images with a photojournalistic style and always try to tell a story and capture a personality with the pictures I take.

I'm a self confessed geek with a taste for coffee, wine, pizza & olives, not necessarily in that order. I love the outdoors, especially when the weather is playing nice, although there's much to be said for wrapping up against the elements too. I like nothing more than getting a new piece of technology and tinkering until I figure it out; also, like most men I'm not a big fan of user manuals. Unlike most men, I’m not into football (sacrilege as someone who grew up in Manchester).

Easy going Wedding Photpgrapher | Midlands

Will - The one in the middle...

Sarah Bailey Lonsdale.jpg


I've been pointing lenses at stuff for my lunch money since the middle of the 00’s. I started out with medium format film cameras (the big ones on tripods) in the commercial world and had quite a few happy years in that arena, got to travel to some fabulous places and worked with some amazing people. Then, digital cameras got better and better, and I think I started using one as a bit of a toy. Being able to shoot without fear of the film running out allowed me to play and experiment heaps. I took more and more pictures of people's faces and everyday life and loved it. Ultimately, I'm a complete people person so I tried a wedding and the rest is history. 


I love all the bits of the work we do.* Spending the day with happy, smiley people, all having a blast is, well, a blast. Getting to record someone's story, or capture a super significant moment in time like a wedding day is always such a privilege. I love the unseen stuff too, these days we can be just as creative in the digital darkroom as we can with cameras. We don’t blanket process, every image is developed by hand. Whilst I'm not usually someone that will photoshop in a Mediterranean sunset to cover up an overcast sky, I do like to tweak every image a little to bring out it's best.


Outside of work, I'm a mum to Oisín, I like to travel, I teach yoga, SUP board slowly, read (faster than I SUP board), am a hobbyist biker (also slowly), play squash terribly and jump out of aeroplanes from time to time. Relaxing looks like cooking and roaming with the little'un.


I’m from an Irish family, grew up near London, moved up to the East Midlands (UK) in 2005 and then bought a long term 'project' in Co. Cavan in 2021. It's got the most amazing view and is our favourite place to do all the office work.   


Chips over salad, red wine over white, real ale over lager, mountain hike over lounging on the beach, camper van (preferably our own) over hotel. 


 *except the accounts

Relaxed Wedding Photographer | East Midlands

Sarah - The one on the left...

Profile captures by Keri Tan on our wedding day, production by us.

Other images by us and the magic of a self timer and a tripod (below).

Two Wedding Photographers | Melton Mowbray | Bailey Lonsdale

See, we do understand how awkward posing makes you feel (and look).

Here's what happens when we try.

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