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Natural Beach Wedding Couple Portrait


We don't have a range of packages with fancy names. We prefer to keep things simple and have a set rate for a whole day.

Please do read the 'what's included' section below too, as everyone offers something slightly different. 


£1,900 / €2,200

with single photographer


£2,500 / €2,900

Single person


£1,900 / €2,200

with single videographer


£3,000 / €3,500

Two person team


Prices are in EUR and GBP just because we cover geographical areas using both currencies.

You would pay in your local currency.

If you're after shorter coverage, that's no problem. Our hourly rate is £300/€350 (single media). There's no minimum coverage for midweek events but a 3 hour minimum for weekends. We book shorter coverage at weekends up to six months prior to the date.


If you'd like to add a second photographer we charge £400/€450 for the duration of the booking.

Necessary if you want both sets of morning preparations covered and you're in different locations.

Recommended for bigger do's, events in multiple locations and more comprehensive coverage.

If you're not sure about whether you want one, please chat to us, happy to chat through pros and cons.

We also cover events that span multiple days and locations. Please get in touch if you'd like us to get back to you with a personalised estimate.



Before the day: We'd love to chat to you before you book us, it's hugely important that you get on with and kinda like your photographer/videographer so a natter about everything is a good place to start. We're happy with emails, video calls or old fashioned telephone, or if you're nearby, let's grab a cuppa/cake/glass of wine/swift half. From the start, we promise happy, down to earth, cheese free consultations and communication. We want to offer you as much pre wedding support as you'd like and we want to know lots about your plans so that nothing is overlooked on the day. The more we know, the more prepared we can be. The more you speak to us, the more relaxed you'll be around us on the day too. There's a good chance this will show in your photos. So we're here if you need us.

We'd definitely love to chat to you a week or two before the day too if you've got the time. We're here for as many other chats in the interim as you'd like too. We're not wedding planners but you're also very welcome to pick our brains and run stuff by us. We have a good idea of what can work and what might not in terms of logistics and timings etc. Feel free to use us as a resource, or not. 


If you've booked us for photography for the full day, we also include a little pre wedding shoot. These are available on selected Fridays and Sundays within a 50 mile radius of our bases (Co. Cavan or Nottingham). We don't force these but if you'd like one, please book in with us in plenty of time before the day, we leave the ball in your court.  If you book any other coverage, these are available as an optional extra.


On the day: Us, all our gear and all our experience. For full day coverage we usually arrive midway through the preparations so that we can cover most aspects. If you've booked two photographers or a photo & film combo, we can be in two places so can capture a little bit of the prep time with both of you, meaning you can share this part of the day with each other afterwards. We tend to dip in and out so won't be pointing a lens in your direction for the entire morning. We also use this time to get some shots of the details (clothes, rings, accessories etc, the stuff you've possibly spent a small fortune on) and to capture the general buzz of the morning. This is a brilliant part of the day, you with your favourite people is pretty special. It also gives everyone chance to get used to us in the background which makes for more natural shots/footage as the day goes on. We're then with you for the day, covering all the obvious and not so obvious stuff. In the evening we usually stay on a little after the first dance (if you're having one) to capture a taste of that part of the day too. More often than not, this is somewhere between 8 and 10 hours but this isn't set in stone. If you book us for shorter coverage we are quite strict with timings, otherwise it's not really fair on those that book us for the full day. 

Regardless of how long we're with you, we're happy to be an additional resource on your team. Having someone with a bundle of wedding experience around can be pretty valuable on the day, from passing messages and pinning flowers to general wedding etiquette. We've driven brides to the ceremony, sewn dresses, applied plasters, done up more necklaces and bracelets than we can remember (new nails for the day anyone?). We don't interfere at all but we're happy to help if needed.


After the day: A preview of your images and/or a mini teaser video, usually within a week. This sneak peek gives you something to go 'oooh' over whilst we work on the rest.


For photographic coverage: A collection of individually processed images in high resolution, ready to print should you wish. We don't deliver a set number of images, you'll receive everything 'useful', ie open eyes, not a duplicate etc. As a guide, this can be anywhere between 500 and 900 for a full day and will depend on what you've got going on, how many people are there etc. You'll have full personal usage rights to them all, forever.

We share your images with you via an easy to use, good to look at password protected online gallery. You can organise your favourites and download them all from there. You can also share the images you choose with friends and family via the same gallery, and they can order copies of files, order prints etc from there too. This can save you a massive task afterwards. You'll also be able to watch your images in a slideshow to music. Cheesy as it might sound, this is a cracking way to look through your images, maybe with a glass of something... definitely preferable to sitting there clicking on the keyboard.

For film coverage: A 5 - 10 minute highlight video of your day. We'll deliver this to you electronically initially, then send you a keepsake USB in the post. 

Turnaround time: 3 - 12 weeks. We work in the home studio full time and will deliver your wedding to you as quickly as we can. Turnaround is quicker in the quieter months, slower in the busier ones. We'll keep you in the loop as to when you can expect to receive everything, but we won't rush this bit and do a substandard job just because you're eager.


Some extra waffle: Often, people are surprised at the cost of wedding photography/film and we get it. Throughout our industry, prices vary pretty wildly and it's not always obvious why. Things like experience and equipment are usually big factors. Someone who does this as a side hustle will usually be cheaper than someone who does this as a career. We reckon you usually get what you pay for. 


This has been our full time plus evenings and weekends job for a long time now. Definitely not a complaint, we love it! The upshot of that is we have dedicated much of our grown up lives to developing our skills and expanding our experience. We (proudly) know our stuff, invest in our equipment and we share all that with you. A wedding day is usually a fast paced, fairly high pressure gig for a photographer or videographer. Things happen only once, usually quite quickly and often when they're not expected so experience and camera skills massively count. Our kit is also brilliant; reliable, sturdy with amazing picture quality. Whilst fancy equipment doesn't make a good image, it does allow the person using it to, better than a cheap lens or older camera can. In a darker room and when the sun goes down, this makes all the difference.

Please don't just take our word for it though, shop around and check out other photographers and film makers. There are loads of us out there and we all offer something different. Talk to a few, make sure you like any on your short list as they'll be around all day on one of the most important days of your lives. Make an informed decision based on their skills, experience, what they'll deliver afterwards, whether you like them enough to come to your wedding, their price and any gut feeling you get. Picking one is hard, we don't envy you. Honestly, it's a mine field. We're very happy to have an open and honest conversation with anyone about pricing, even if it talks you out of booking us. It's important that you feel like you're getting good value from whoever you book so please don't be shy if you want to know why we charge what we do and why we feel very comfortable with that. 



Drop us a line or give us a call to check the we're available and tell us a bit about your plans. If it's a goer, we send you through a little booking form and ask for a €350/£300 deposit to secure the date.

The balance would be due 28 days before the day. Nothing else is needed in the interim but if you wanted to pay in instalments to help your budgeting, let us know at the time of booking and we can set this up.


Other options:​

Wedding albums, photo books, prints, wall art and other items available to suit your requirements/taste/home decor.  These can be ordered by you or anyone you give gallery access to. Find out a bit more here.

More cameras! We work with a network of talented sorts and can call upon them to assist if you're having a very large wedding, or an event spread over lots of locations where logistics would require additional support. ​​


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