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If we’ve worked together at a wedding or event and you’d like to use some of our images or video in your marketing, social media, brochure etc, this page is for you.

We're always chuffed when people want to share our work so are more than happy for you to do so, with a few little caveats to ensure that it's fair for all of us, including our clients. 

Like us, you probably spend loads of time, energy and creativity on each event and with each client. We all want to make sure that everyone we work with has the best experience and it's nice to be able to share and showcase that afterwards. If our photos or film can help you do this, that's mega. We love to help out and give a little back to our industry so will share our work freely with venues and suppliers on the understanding that the conditions below are honoured.


All images and film remain ©️ Bailey Lonsdale Photography Ltd without exception. Our clients have a personal usage license which excludes commercial use. If you’d like to use our imagery, you must have permission from us beforehand.



You can choose between free or paid options. 


Electronic Use:

If you want content for social media, blogs, websites etc, all we ask is that you:

1. Place a credit with an active link on the page on which the image used as follows:

Websites (or any online use):

Instagram/Facebook: @baileylonsdalephotography


Note: Credit in the main body of the caption, as tags and comments are easily missed.

2. Do not edit the image in any way (apart from any unavoidable cropping).

Prior to use, please send us a message to double check that the client has agreed to the public sharing of the images (if not already shared by us). You can use as many images as you would like providing 1. and 2. above are implemented each time.

Use in brochures or other printed materials:

Image credit must be given on the page that the photo is printed, preferably next to the image if appropriate (Photo by Bailey Lonsdale Photography). 


If you prefer to use the images in print or advertising, or if you want to use the images online without having to include the aforementioned credit, the cost is £300 or €350 per image depending on the geographical location of your enterprise. Please drop us a line to arrange.

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