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Pre Wedding & Couples Photoshoots

aka Engagement Shoots

Photoshoots for couples wanting some images to simply celebrate being together.


Too many dodgy selfies? Has one of you always got your eyes closed? We can help...


Maybe you've got engaged, are celebrating an anniversary, or maybe you just like each other a lot and want some photos for that empty wall in the parlour!? 


These photoshoots are completely informal, no acting or posing required

(unless you want to, of course).

We can go for a wander, visit a favourite place or simply sit in the garden, it's your choice.

Lasting around two hours and whatever your reason for choosing one, are a lovely way to spend a little while in each other's company.

You'll be able to view and download your images via a secure online gallery, where you can also order physical prints and other products, if you'd like. We don't supply a set number of images, we individually process and supply all the pictures where your eyes are open and you aren't gurning (unless it's funny).

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Pre wedding shoots:

We include a complimentary pre wedding shoot as part of every wedding booking. Think of it as your first wedding present, they work the same as above but are usually a little shorter.

Pre wedding shoots are the Marmite of the wedding world. Some people love the idea, some want to run a mile. You’re not obliged to do one if it’s really not your cup of tea, but mostly couples find them a combination of a bit of lighthearted fun and a way of getting used to having a wedding photographer around (so you can ignore us on the day). It's also a really good opportunity for us to catch up in person for a natter about your day.

If you're at all nervous or less than excited about your wedding photography, we'd definitely recommend doing one of these. You'll feel a load more comfortable on the actual day as you'll be familiar with the process and with us, and it will shine through in your photographs.

What's the cost?

FREE if we're your wedding photographers.

Couples Shoots - €230/£200 for shoots local to our bases.

A nominal mileage charge is added for locations that are further afield, just to cover the juice for the car.

Bonus: If you've had a full priced couples shoot with us and subsequently book us for your wedding, we'll reduce the price of your wedding booking by £100 to say thank you, and we can still have another little pre wedding shoot just before the big day if you'd like to.