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Pictures are amazing communication tools...


Any image you share becomes a part of your brand and identity. We can help showcase all that you're about and the personality behind what you do, as well as your products or services, without scaring you or your team.

We work with anyone that has a message to share; big corporations, small brands, artists, speakers, editors writers, teachers, coaches... you get the idea.


We have a few options for commercial and editorial photography: 

Commercial Branding Photography | Bailey Lonsdale | East Midlands

Personal Branding

Usually for those wanting some killer images of themselves. Maybe you are your brand and want to communicate a bit

about the person behind the business? Maybe you want standout profile pictures for LinkedIn? Maybe something else? 

If you're looking for relaxed, cheese free, natural portraits to use in your brand communications, on your website or social media platforms, this is perfect.

Nitty gritty: Up to 2 hours photography in one or two locations

(travel time between locations is included within shoot time).


Cost: €300/£250




Day in the 'Work' Life

These are a great way to capture the essence of your business in a bit more detail. The shoot is designed

around you, your business and your clients with the aim of showing you doing what you do best.

The scope of these shoots is pretty big and can involve any and all aspects of your business. It provides

a much bigger library of photos for you to use at the end. 

These shoots are ideal for those wanting to showcase their business and brand, for those creating

or revamping websites or looking for a library of images to use in their communications going forwards.

We can include portraits, ‘action’ style shots of you guys doing what you do, shots of your premises, the

office dog or anything else unique to your work.

We can brainstorm and plan the finer detail before the shoot so we can make best use of the time we spend

with you on the day. It’s all very chilled, we aim to keep the whole process as relaxed as possible so that we get

the most natural and reflective images at the end.

Nitty gritty: We can spend half a day (up to four hours) or full day (up to seven hours) with you. This can be

over multiple locations, if required (travel time between locations is included within the shoot time).

Cost: €525 - €750/£450 - £650


Lifestyle, Product & Commercial Photography

These shoots are tailored to suit and cover the 'anything other than detailed above' bracket.

Maybe you’re after images of your products, running a workshop or event, need new images for a

product launch or have an amazing space that you need to capture in all its glory.


Get in touch and we can make a plan.

1 hour – €200/£175
2 hours – €350/£300
Half a day (up to 4 Hours) – €525/£450
Full day (up to 8 hours) – €750/£650



What's included?

All options above include:


Pre shoot consultation. Usually a bit of a chat, either over the phone, video call or email, whatever suits you best.

We want to get to know a bit about you and your business and learn what you want from your photographs, so

we can best reflect it in your images. We encourage you to tell us what you’re after in as much detail as you can,

so we can make best use of the shoot time and leave you with exactly what you’re after.


Final, edited images provided in two formats; one optimised for printed media and the other

optimised for sharing digitally.


A licence to use the images commercially for the general purpose of their commission for an infinite period.  


Travel is included within 30 miles of our bases, outside of that mileage is added at €0.60/£0.50 per mile.


We recommend all our clients chat to us about their requirements in detail to best determine how much cover

they'll likely need. We’ve been doing this for a good long while now and know it never works if we try to cram too

much stuff into too short a timeframe. It comprises quality, people look stressed, and ultimately we can’t deliver

the shots we all want.

We will never overestimate just to charge a few quid more, that’s not who we are (we want you back for

your Wedding/family portrait or just more commercial work). If we book a full day and we’re done by lunchtime

we’ll only charge for the half day.



Editorial Photography

Lots of our work has appeared in books and magazines over the years. If you have a creative project in mind, get in touch to see if we can help. We do love a project.

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