You're a one-off, so should your photos be...





We're Sarah & Will and we're big fans of using cameras to tell real stories and document life.

You're probably here because you've got something you want to either share with the world or record for posterity, or both.

Have a mooch around, and get in touch via email or phone for a natter to see how we can do that for you.




A little history lesson...

Until recently, we operated in our own rights as 

'Sarah Ellen Bailey | Creative Wedding Photographer' (est 2008) and 

'William Lonsdale Photography' (est 2011),

so if you were looking for either of those, you’re in the right place.


In recent years we started working together more and more, then we got married and things got a smidge confusing, so here we are under one banner.


Whilst we do work as a team, Sarah tends to take the lead on our weddings

and Will usually leads on the commercial side of things.

As cheesy as it sounds (and we're really not those people), we've got all the angles covered.