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Just the three of us...

An intimate wedding at Allington Manor, Grantham...

We knew this wedding would be our kind of thing when the enquiry first landed in our inbox, with Ineta saying their wedding was at 4.00 pm because she really doesn't like getting up early. They weren't really interested in standing for posed shots and the only really important thing was that we got some shots of them and their immediate family, aka Ruby the dog.

Here's a small selection of images from the day...

Intimate Wedding in Grantham
Ineta, Ewen and Ruby. Woof.

This wedding was always planned to be an intimate affair, even before COVID-19 was a glint in the daddy bat's eye. Neither Ineta or Ewen wanted photos of them getting ready, so instead we caught up with Ewen at the Welby Arms across the road...

Welby Arms Allington

We grabbed a few shots of their wedding rings too, dousing them in sanitiser before handing them back...

Black Wedding Rings

Amazingly shiny...

Black Wedding Rings
Black Wedding Rings

Then it was back to Allington Manor for drinks and a bit of background music on the bagpipes, ably supplied by Ewen's dad, complete with Kilt...

Allington Manor
Popaball and Prosecco
Wedding Bagpipes

The 'getting ready' part of the day was a first for us, with The Best Man dressing the Bridesmaid, with some difficulty...

Dog Bridesmaid

We were granted unrestricted access...

Dog Bridesmaid

Ruby was anything but shy...

Dog Bridesmaid Getting Ready

Ta daa!

Dog Bridesmaid in Tutu

And against tradition, the groom saw the bridal party in advance...

Dog Bridesmaid in Tutu

Totally forgiven though, what a gorgeous girl...

Dog Bridesmaid in Tutu with Light Flare

The other lady of the day then came to join the party...

Allington Manor Staircase
Bride on Staircase Grantham

Ineta totally rocked the black wedding dress...

Natural Bride on Staircase
Bride on Staircase

The weather was spot on; balmy and dry. Which meant the inaugural use of Allington's shiny brand new outdoor ceremony space...

Outdoor Wedding Grantham

Ruby kept the crowd entertained until Ineta arrived...

Dog at Wedding

Here she comes...

Bride in Black Wedding Dress

Excited face...

Dog Bridesmaid
Bride in Black Wedding Dress

Allington Manor has always been a favourite place for us to shoot, it has always offered gorgeous indoor and outdoor space, and now this...

Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor Wedding in Pagoda
Outdoor Ceremony

The ceremony was progressing nicely until the Bridesmaid caused a bit of a scene, coming on a bit strong to Will...

Photographer Gets Hit on by Dog

She hadn't even been on the sauce...

Wedding Ceremony
Dog Bridesmaid

And then they got married...

Wedding Ceremony

Ineta and Ewen shared their own vows during the ceremony, it was lovely...

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Own Wedding Vows

In fact, everything during the day had a subtle touch of something personal, something meaningful, something relevant to them...

Black Wedding Rings
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ring Exchange

It was all rather beautiful, very genuine and definitely heartfelt...

Civil Ceremony Outdoors
First Kiss
Unoposed Wedding Photography
Natural Wedding Photography
Signing the Register

Sadly, travel restrictions meant Ineta's Dad had to attend virtually...

Video Call Wedding

Thanks to technology he still got to sit in the front row...

Video Guest
Father of the Bride

And all went to plan...

Outdoor Wedding Grantham

Then came some chill time in the garden...

Allington Manor Outdoor Ceremony
Intimate Wedding Reception

Socially distanced hugs and kisses...

Covid Wedding Grantham
Small Wedding Grantham


Wedding Canapés at Allington

Which caught Ruby's eye...

Dog Bridesmaid
Wedding Guest
Wedding Bagpipes Grantham
Wedding Piper
Dog at Wedding Grantham
Bridal Nails Grantham

It was quite a 'kissy' wedding thanks to Ruby...

Dog Wedding Guest Grantham

Tiring day...

Weddings can be exhausting

Time for a quick wander with the Bride and Groom to grab a few photos of just them...

Couple at Allington
Allington Manor Photography
Allington Manor Gardens
Allington Manor Wedding Couple
Tattooed Bride Grantham

No real posing...

Tatooed Bride Allington

But lots more kissing...

Dog Kisses
Bride, Groom and Dog
One Man and His Dog

The front of the house is always gorgeous as the sun starts to drop...

Inked Wedding Couple Allington

So we had a quick play out there...

Natural Couple Shots
Dog at Wedding
Second Angle
Dog at Wedding
Wedding Couple
Golden Hour Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Grantham
Bride and Groom Walking the Dog
Bride and Groom Laughing
Tattooed Bride and Groom
Sitting with the Dog
Couple and Dog at Allington
Black Wedding Rings

And then back inside...

Allington Manor Staircase
Tattooed Bride at Allington

Love this staircase...

Allington Staircase

And the baby grand piano...

Baby Grand Piano

Can you play the piano Ineta?

Black and White Wedding Photography

We can confirm she hasn't practiced recently...

Playing the Piano at Allington Manor
Inside Allington Manor

A few more moments together...

Window Light
Window at Allington Manor
Irregular Choice Red Wedding Shoes
Discreet Wedding Photography
Bookcase at Allington Manor
Second Photographer at Allington Manor

And one more moment focussing on all the shoes...

Matching Shoes for the Bride and Groom

Before heading back downstairs...

Allington Manor Staircase Grantham
Allington Manor Dining Room

For a little cake...

Chocolate Wedding Cake Grantham
Stabbing the Cake
Cutting the Cake Grantham
Hands Cutting the Wedding Cake
Inked Bride and Groom Cutting Cake
Chocolate Cake Cutting
Chocolate Cake and Roses

And an intimate dinner...

Wedding Reception Lincolnshire

No top table but the VIPs sat together...

Dog Dining at the Wedding Breakfast
Dog at Grantham Wedding

And there we left everyone to enjoy the rest of the evening...

Intimate Wedding Breakfast

Thanks again for having us along, we loved spending the afternoon with you, we loved all the crimson and sparkles, and the way everything was all about you guys.

Allington Manor Wedding Photographer

Couples are often cautious about having photographers at small weddings, thinking it might be a little OTT, or that we'll be in your faces the whole time because there aren't hundreds of guests for us to get lost amongst. That's really never a concern. We've shot lots of bijou weddings with not a lot of guests. Our most intimate was with just the Bride and Groom (we were the witnesses), and we've shot a bunch with fewer than ten guests. We're great at being subtle as we get on with our thing and very well practiced at staying out of the way.

And even if your wedding is intimate, you still deserve gorgeous photographs and you'll still want to remember it all in years to come.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat logistics or want to see some complete galleries of smaller weddings.


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