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Hello Grantham...

We had our very first post lockdown pre-wedding shoot last weekend. We were very excited.

Possibly more excited than the soon to be happy couple... Just possibly, it's been a while, don't judge...

Heidi and Simon should be married by now but y'know, COVID 19.

Thanks to the ever accommodating Allington Manor though, these guys get to tie the knot very soon and have a big bash next year to celebrate. Silver linings?

These pre wedding shots are a great way for us to catch up on your plans. They can also be a pretty effective way of getting your step count up.

We also use them as a way to show you some of our different processing techniques...

We always process your wedding photos to best reflect your wedding day, but it's nice to know your preferences so that they can inform our techniques. Some prefer hazier, some crisper, some lighter, some darker, some don't mind so much, as long as it looks and feels like them and their wedding.

There are a gazillion and one ways to make a photo black and white too.

Different styles suit different situations, but it's always nice to know if you've got a favourite, or if there's one you can't stand.

Anyway, these little shoots are very relaxed.

Couple in Woodland
Sometimes Will tells the odd dubious joke...
Woodland Photoshoot
Sometimes he gets a laugh...

Sometimes we get a helping hand from Mother Nature.

Lincolnshire Sunset Couple
Damn fine view from up here.

Lincolnshire sunsets can be glorious, especially from up there where the sky is wide open...

Thanks for sharing this one with us guys, and for laughing at Will's jokes.


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