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Elementary Mathematics

We are pleased to officially announce that:

(drum roll please)

Sarah Ellen Bailey | Creative Wedding Photographer

(aka that photographer with those shoes)


William Lonsdale Photography

(aka the tall, slightly funny Mancunian one)

have officially merged businesses.

We are now Bailey Lonsdale Photography.

Bailey Lonsdale Photography Logo

Doesn't sound terribly innovative does it?

Luckily we are way more creative with the camera, so that makes up for it.

Note for the suspicious:

This isn't because we're in trouble and need a clean start or anything like that. It's because we got married last year, have worked together pretty much ever since, and quite frankly, the number of social media accounts was beyond a joke. The accounting was getting way too messy and complicated and it was very confusing. Now we have less passwords to remember, and another person to blame if we forget the sandwiches, pickles, olives, hummus, crisps, fruit oh...... sorry I got carried away!

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