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Family Photoshoots

and groups, friends and the like...

Photoshoots for people wanting some images of themselves together.


Maybe you're rarely in the same place at the same time, maybe there's a new little person on the scene, or an anniversary or birthday with an '0' on the end, or perhaps you want to document how your family is growing or changing.


We can help...


These photoshoots are very informal, no acting or awkward posing required (unless you want to, of course), and we try and have a bit of a laugh as we go.

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We can go for a walk, visit a favourite place or simply meet up in your garden, it's your call.

Usually lasting somewhere between one and two hours, we can get some shots of you all together and maybe by yourselves if that appeals.

You'll be able to view and download your images via a secure online gallery, where you can also order prints and other products, if you'd like. 


We don't supply a set number of images, you get all the pictures where your eyes are open and you're not making a daft face (unless it's funny) in a printable format. Lots of options so hopefully there's one that everyone loves!

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What's the cost?

Family Shoots - €230/£200 for shoots local to either of our bases.

A nominal mileage charge is added for locations that are further afield, just to cover the juice for the car.